Snowballs™ is a scientifically backed, patent-pending cooling underwear that was conceived as a natural fertility aid for men... as well as for all men who wish to benefit from practicing the cooling arts.

Studies have shown that lowering scrotal temperature by even one degree Celsius can increase sperm count and quality, and our convenient, comfortable, organic cotton boxer-briefs are guaranteed to make you cooler. Snowballs™ are a perfect icing solution for:

• male infertility

• vasectomies

• varicoceles

• hydroceles

• spermatoceles

• epididymitis

• athletic injuries

• testosterone enhancement

Each order of Snowballs™ includes two pair of our special underwear, designed to be worn all day, and three of our unique SnowWedges™, so there's always one ready to keep you cool. After inserting a SnowWedge™ into the pouch of your Snowballs™, you'll stay comfortably cool for about 30 minutes. Snowballs™ can be gently machine washed like any other pair of quality organic underwear. SnowWedges™ can be washed with soap and water and freeze for use in less than an hour.

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Congratulations. You just got 1% cooler.