Snowballs™ is the scientifically backed cooling underwear designed to naturally improve male fertility and testosterone, as well as to relieve scrotal pain.

Snowballs Underwear

The worldwide standard for male fertility. Established in 2013.

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Studies have shown that lowering scrotal temperature by even one degree Celsius can improve sperm count and quality, and our comfortable, organic, all-day underwear is designed with a pouch fitting one of our special ergonomic ice packs - SnowWedges™ - each of which keeps you cold for about 30 minutes.

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male infertility • vasectomies • varicoceles • hydroceles • spermatoceles • epididymitis • red sack syndrome • athletic injuries • testosterone enhancement

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How Snowballs™ can enhance male fertility


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A Brief History of Scrotal Cooling

The Science

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Our Journey from Infertility to "Manly Cooling"

Our Story

Success Stories

Real men. Improved fertility, testosterone, and general health.

“I am so grateful to Snowballs, which contributed to us being able to naturally conceive a baby we are expecting next November. Keep up the good work!”

Marc O., London

“My husband has been using Snowballs for a month and a half, and his sperm count per ml has almost doubled from 4.5 million to 8 million. His motility and morphology have also improved, and our urologist thinks Snowballs are likely making the difference.”

Judy C., Vancouver

“This is by far the sexiest pair of underwear I’ve ever owned. My wife approves and likes to call them my ‘tighty grays’. [And] the results blew me away: 114 days…sperm count up 78%.”

Greg Sommer

“They fit great, they feel great, and when I slip in an ice pack before a weight session, my body feels sharper and I can push further. Still experimenting, but I think those Russian lifters were right about icing, and I love my new Snowballs!”

Rich J., Dallas

“After my vasectomy my doctor said I should ice the area. My job requires me to be on my feet a lot, so I bought a pack of Snowballs and got healed up quick. Thanks!”

Juan R., Orlando

“I believe this is one of those rare things that virtually Every Single One of you should be doing…. Because if you can drop your testicular temp by a mere one degree Celsius, you’re going to produce more T and more semen. And I’ll tell you men, these underwear make it reeeeal easy….”

Mark Wilson