In our busy lives, we sometimes forget about doing things for other people just to make them happy. You don’t have to go to extremes or spend a fortune to impress a girl. It is oftentimes the simplest things that she will most appreciate and remember. Keep in mind that your actions say a lot about what kind of guy you are, and trying out some of these simple moves will put her in a great mood as you show her your sweet and thoughtful side. 

1. Give Her A Massage

Whether you take it to the extreme with massage oils or just rub her back and shoulders while she sits at her desk, she will enjoy anything you do to make her feel good. You will help work out any tension in her back or shoulders, making her more relaxed. By touching her in an innocent way like this, you will make her wonder about what other ways you can make her feel good.

2. Tell Her She Smells Good

Every girl likes to be told they smell good. If you let her know that you really like the smell of her hair or her perfume, she will be happy that you noticed that about her. Chances are, she will remember your compliment and then think of you every time she uses that same perfume or hair product.

3. Bring Her Flowers 

Almost every girl loves getting flowers, even if some claim they don’t. Flowers for no occasion are sometimes more meaningful than a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day. Great times for flowers are: when she has a big day at work, when she is stressed, or when you want to remind her that you are thinking of her. The trick is to not overdo it and buy flowers for the heck of it in addition to giving them for every special occasion. You don’t want her to start expecting flowers all the time. A clever idea that she will love is to leave them in a spot for her to find instead of just handing them to her. Attach a simple note with a short message letting her know that she’s awesome or that you love her. The surprise will be much more exciting, and she will be anxious to see what the note says and what your reason for giving them was.

4. Take Her On A Walk 

A walk around the city or a local park can be as romantic as you want it to be. It will help you get in a good position to have some quality conversations without being in too serious or uncomfortable of a setting. In addition, holding hands while you walk will help you connect with each other in an intimate but nonsexual way. This simple public display of affection tells her that you care about her and don’t mind showing it.

5. Pick Her Up And Spin Her Around

This simple move says a lot to a girl. It shows that you are excited to see her and don’t care what people think. She will find it really romantic, as you literally sweep her off her feet. She will feel like a prize that you adore so much.

6. Buy Her Favorite Coffee

Taking note of the kind of coffee she likes shows her that you pay attention to the little things. She will really appreciate the fact that you remembered the specific type she likes and went through the effort of getting it for her. As an added bonus, she will think of you as she feels the energy boost throughout the day.

7. Try Something New That She Likes

Letting a girl know that you want to try something she likes that you’ve never tried before will make her happy to be able to share it with you. She will be excited that you want to experience something new and that she can be the one to introduce you to it. Another benefit is that you might actually discover a new interest that you can now share with your girl.

8. Ask Her To Tell You About Her Girls’ Night

Being a good listener about something that guys usually don’t ask to hear about will mean a lot to her. She will be excited that you want to know about her friends and how her time out with them was. She will also love that you show interest in the area of her life that is traditionally “off limits” for a guy to ask about. If she is hesitant to tell you about what her and her friends do together, it is because she most likely thinks that you are only trying to be polite and that you don’t really want to know how it was. Let her know that you really do want to hear about her night, and then she might be willing to open up and tell you about it.

9. Send Her Snail Mail

As email has become such a convenient method of communication, it is rarer and rarer that people receive anything through the mail besides bills and junk. A written letter is much more personal than a quickly typed email. Taking the time to handwrite a sweet message shows her that you are thinking of her and you care enough to go out of your way to let her know.

10. Take Her To A Photo Booth

Taking cheap, silly pictures together in a photo booth can be a great time. It gives you a chance to make her laugh, and some good memories. Be creative – she will love it if you really get into it. She will also think you’re pretty cute for not being afraid to take a picture that may make you look like a goof or that she might pin up somewhere.

Taking a little bit of time out of your own busy day to do something thoughtful for a girl will tell her that you really care about her happiness and well-being. And just doing something good for someone else will make you feel happier too. Just remember that you don’t have to try too hard to please a girl, because it’s more often the simple things like these ten examples that can just make her day.

Source: Man Helper