Marriages are often thought of and celebrated in milestones — weddings, babies and new houses, to name a few. But it’s really the small, everyday moments of love, support and kindness between two people that define a lasting partnership.

We recently asked readers to share the little, unexpected tips and tricks that make a big difference in their marriage. Find out what they had to say below:

1. A good, long hug makes all the difference

“At least once a day, especially after work, we just stand and give each other a long hug. No words or kissing or moving. I stand with my arms up and he stands with his arms out, then we fall into our hug. It’s a nice quiet moment in which we can decompress with each other.” – Michelle Gold

2. Go out of your way to do something silly and sweet to make your partner smile

“I hide things like his favorite snacks or a reminder of something fun we did recently in his shoes, pockets or cup holders in his car with little notes full of stupid puns to make him laugh.” – Lacey Marie

3. Never stop saying “thank you” — even for the simplest of tasks

“Even after 12 years, my guy always says to me after dinner, ‘Thank you for a great dinner’ — even if it’s a TV dinner. Makes me feel appreciated.” – Debbie Wagner

4. Create a quirky nighttime ritual that’s just about the two of you

“We snack in bed — a late-night ice cream or a chocolate bar that the kids know nothing about!” – Humi K. 

5. Don’t just say “I love you.” Tell each other why specifically

“Every night before we go to sleep we say to each other, ‘I love you today because…’ We do this no matter what happened that day. We even make sure to call or text it to each other when we are apart.” – Jae Russell

6. Kiss each other goodbye no matter what

“Every morning when I leave for work, he’s still in bed. And every day I say ‘I’m leaving’ and even in a dead sleep, he kisses me.” – Steffanie Anne

7. Inside jokes are a must

“My husband and I quote movies all the time, and even recently during sex.
Me: ‘You keep moving my hands.’
Him: ‘I don’t know what to do with my hands, quoting Ricky Bobby.
Instant humor.” – Lindsey Lipp

8. Think about how you can make your partner’s day easier, and then do that

“My husband warms my car up for me and scrapes the ice and snow off of it in the winter time, even though I go to work way earlier than him and am fully capable of warming up my own car. It really means a lot that he gets up early and freezes just so I don’t have to.” – Wendy Griffith

9. Spending some time apart can strengthen your bond

“It’s going to seem backwards but it’s important in my relationship for my husband and I to have our own interests and do our own thing. I’ll go to yoga or dinner with friends and he will play cards. The time apart gives us the opportunity to miss each other and gives us more stories to share.” – Sarah Goodier

10. Don’t underestimate the importance of touch

“We always sleep naked and touch in bed, even if it’s just a toe against a leg or a hand on a thigh.” – Lauren East

11. Even when you’re busy, let your partner know that he or she is always top of mind

“I program ‘events’ in my husband’s phone calendar to alert him throughout the year. Sweet things like ‘Thinking of you xoxo’ and memories like the day we met.” – Kasey Christine St. John

Source: Huffington Post