Here are 25 ways to get incidental exercise into your everyday life:

1 Walk around the house while talking on the phone instead of sitting.

Buy lunch from a cafe a little further down the road — every step counts.

Get off the bus two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way.

4 Take the stairs instead of the lift at every chance and go up or down an extra floor before moving on.

5 Catch up with friends for a power walk instead of coffee.

6 Walk the dog or offer to take a friend’s dog.

7 Do housework with a twist — put towels under your feet and polish the floors. Give yourself an extra workout vacuuming under furniture and polishing the windows clean.

8 Have a garage sale — sorting and moving things will keep you busy and moving all day.

9 Park the car further away from your usual spot.

10 Walk, don’t ride the escalators.

11 Enjoy the outdoors — go for a bush walk or head to the beach, sight see places of interest.

12 Leave the car at home, ride your bike or walk to the shops for small items.

13 If you are taking the kids to training or a sports event don’t just sit and watch from the sidelines. Keep moving by walking around the oval and watch the game from all angles.

14 Get stuck into the yard and enjoy mother nature by weeding and gardening.

15 Sweep the pathways around your house.

16 Wash the car and give it a good clean inside too.

17 Stand up on the bus and train — you burn more energy than sitting down.

18 Have office meetings outside in the park and move around as ideas can flow in new surroundings.

19 Park your car as far from the supermarket entrance as possible so you have further to push the trolley.

20 Walk down every aisle in the supermarket even if you don’t need too — every step counts.

21 Hide the remote and get up to change the channel by doing it on the TV.

22 Go on a detective hunt with the kids — play hide and seek with some simple and small household objects like a kitchen spoon, plastic cup etc.

23 Play walking bingo. Make a list of commonly seen things around the neighbourhood and while walking the kids to the park see who can tick off the most items off their list.

24 Go bowling at home with recycled skittles — make your own with plastic bottles and have fun and exercise for free.

25 Play charades with the kids and bust out some funky moves.

Source: Daily Telegraph