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Photo: businessinsider

There is no doubt a connection between the body’s stress hormone and sex hormones.  Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease is one of many factors that can give rise to fertility problems and even cause male infertility.


A concern of mine in my practice is not only a women’s nutritional status, but the man’s status as well!  Most people are eating gluten (mainly wheat products, but can contain numerous other things as well such as corn).

Photo: authoritynutrition
Photo: authoritynutrition

Gluten sensitivity/intolerance or celiac disease can contribute to a low-grade type of inflammation in the GI tract.  This low-grade inflammation over time can lead to a decreased ability to absorb nutrients efficiently.  This is worrisome because of the multiple intricacies that come with nutrition and how the body functions.

For example, chronic gluten sensitivities or celiac disease can inhibit proper absorption of iron, which can lead to anemia.  Iron deficiency is very common in women, especially those which may be trying to become pregnant.

Another example is specific vitamins needed for reproductive health.  Vitamins like A, E, and folic acid which are essential for healthy sperm production in men.*

Deficiencies like these can be found through specific blood testing that determines if this could be a problem.

Celiac disease is becoming more of a diagnosed problem, but functional medicine doctors are noticing the connections between gluten-sensitivity and their patient’s health problems.  With regards to fertility, it is easy to only consider the woman and her health.  But I can’t stress enough the importance of the man involved as well.

If you are hoping to get pregnant in future, please think about and share with your partner what steps you both can take to improve male fertility.

Keep Cool.

Source: Healthy fertility and Baby