It’s a fact: You are what you eat. Think you don’t have time to make high-quality, nutritious foods a daily diet staple? Think again. Choosing the right foods assures that you’ll not only have the energy to power through the day, you’ll also get essential nutrients and vitamins to boost health, too. Take a look at these common health issues and the easy diet fixes that—in combination with regular exercise—can help you look, feel and live better.


Stand Tall

Good bone health is essential for men—it helps reduce the risk of injury and slows the loss of bone mass that occurs naturally with aging. Weight training and high impact activity promote healthy bones, but equally important is a diet rich in calcium. Get your daily dose through dairy products like reduced-fat milk, yogurt and cheese.  Also, don’t forget about magnesium and phosphorus—they are also key factors in building and maintaining strong bones. Nuts are a good source of both of these essential nutrients and provide an easy way to add these key bone-building nutrients to your diet.

Hook, Line & Sinker 

Looking for a way to lower your cholesterol? Put fish on your grocery list and enjoy the benefits of cholesterol and triglyceride-lowering Omega 3 fatty acids. Research also suggests omega 3 fatty acids have a positive effect on blood pressure.  Some tasty food choices that are rich sources of these long-chain Omega 3’s include salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and tuna.

Pressure Cooker

Keep your blood pressure in check and help prevent hypertension by adding potassium rich foods to your diet.  In addition to bananas, you’ll find potassium in healthy supply in potatoes (with skins), dates and avocados and even orange juice or yogurt.  So swap out your coffee break for a glass of orange juice for a healthier mid-day sip.

Source: Mens Health