Fertility is a subject which many men are embarrassed to talk about and in turn can lead to unnecessary strain on their health.


Research has found that 45 per cent of men living in Southampton feel uncomfortable discussing their fertility with their doctor.

It also found of the 58 men from the city that took part in the survey, more than half said they did not wish to talk to their partner about their concerns.

The survey, carried out by Nuffield Health, also revealed how more than 2,000 men in the UK are unaware of the impact their lifestyle choices, such as being overweight, could have on their fertility.

As part of national Fertility Awareness Week 2015, leading charity Infertility Network UK is urging local GP’s to speak more openly with their male patients about the issues which could affect them.

Susan Seenan, chief executive of the organisation, said that reluctance to discuss the issue can have a negative impact on a couple’s relationship.

Mrs Seenan said: “The male perspective on fertility can be hugely overlooked, and this has come across in the Nuffield survey.

“Half of all men who took part feel there is not enough support and information for men about fertility issues and going forwards we hope to address this.”

Throughout this week the charity is using a national awareness campaign with the aim of breaking the taboo which surrounds male fertility.

It is also urging people to actively make a change in lifestyle if they have concerns.

Helen Lyall, fertility expert and consultant at Nuffield Health, said she was surprised in the large number of men who didn’t realise that being overweight could have an effect on their fertility.

She said: “Men may be embarrassed to talk about fertility problems and it’s generally women who make the first step towards addressing fertility concerns.

“For those who are concerned, we’d advise them to speak to their GP or a fertility specialist as soon as possible to give them the best chance of finding a successful solution.”

Source: Daily Echo