Ok guys, let’s talk about Yoga... 

Yes, yoga...that thing you see soccer moms jabbering about, as they sip their green juice in their stretchy lycra pants. But in all seriousness, Yoga isn’t just something that your girlfriend or sister can do.  

Men do Yoga too! 

In fact, Yoga has been used to aid male fertility throughout history, with Yogic practices such as Kundalini yoga reported to increase sperm count. Now I’m not saying you have to quit your job and become a Yogi in order to conceive...but since the studies show this helps your chances, then why not give it a go!  

So, let’s break it down. 

Yoga for stress reduction 

‘Just relax and it’ll happen’ something you’ve probably heard from family or friends about conception and is the last thing you need to hear. It’s patronising and suggests that conception is as simple as relaxing, which it is not! This can lead to self-blame, guilt, anxiety, and increased stress levels. An article of 22 studies revealed that, ‘psychological burden is one of the most common reasons for patient discontinuation.’ So, how can Yoga help this? 

A 2015 study compared two groups receiving fertility treatment and 'the mean state and trait anxiety scores were significantly lower in the yoga group versus the control group.' Furthermore, scientists have proven that meditation significantly lowers your body’s serum markers of stress, and in turn, can improve the body's overall health. Meditation is not only a great stress relief, but it’s also free and something that you can do from the comfort of your own home.  

All you need is yourself!  

Now, you might be thinking, ‘What I just close my eyes and breathe? I may as well go to sleep...’ 

This is a fair point, and I'm guilty of thinking it too. What really helped me when first starting out was guided meditation.  

Youtube has tons of soothing tutorials, that guide you through the meditation step by step, breath by breath and can range from 2 mins to an hour, so they’re easy to fit into your daily schedule. Let’s say you’re going in for a fertility checkup. You start to feel anxious and overwhelmed...instead of trying to ‘man up’ and ignore the feeling, why not try a 5 min meditation and see how it makes you feel?  

Check out this guided meditation: 

Yoga Poses for Fertility 

We know that Yoga is physically beneficial for things such as weight loss, improved flexibility and muscle tone. But, how does Yoga help fertility in particular? 

  • Stimulating blood flow around your pelvic area 

Stimulation of the pelvic area will benefit your sexual function and your testicles, which in turn will promote male sexual hormone production. This is important for male health and youthfulness. 

  • Opening your hip joints 

This will make your hips more flexible and stronger and give you a boost in the bedroom. 

Below is a list of best Yoga poses (Asana’s) for male fertility.  

The Pigeon pose – Beginner level 

This pose stretches the pelvic area, the leg, hip muscles and hip flexors, which benefits your sexual health.  


Dancers Pose: Intermediate level   

This beautiful pose is not for the faint hearted! If you are a newbie to yoga, it may be best consulting a teacher before trying this one. 

The entire body is activated in this pose, toning you all over whilst improving your balance and focus. 


Twisting Triangle: Beginner level 

You will feel this stretch all over, but mostly in the side of the torso and back of the ham strings. The deep twist squeezes and massages the lower organs, aiding digestion and benefiting your sexual organs.   


Warrior ||:  Beginner’s level 

This active pose will tone you all over whilst challenging your balance. The hip flexors are opened in this lunging posture, which strengthens and stretches your pelvic area. 


Moola Bandha: Beginner’s level 

Mula bandha stabilises the pelvis and sacrum and tones the pelvic muscles which strengthens your entire pelvic floor. 


Do Yoga with your partner! 

In the U.S, around one in eight couples' experiences infertility. With one third being women, the other third being men and the last a combination of the two. Infertility is a sensitive process whose stress should be shared equally between a couple.  

Yoga can be really fun to try with your partner and will benefit you both. There are lots of ‘Couples Yoga’ classes you can find online to try from the privacy of your own home.  

Why not, try this one below...