It’s nothing compared to what her body goes through—but men experience hormonal changes when their partners are pregnant, finds a new University of Michigan study.


Researchers tested the hormone levels of first-time fathers-to-be and found that their testosterone dropped as the baby grew.

Don’t panic—we’re not talking clinically low T levels, says study author Robin Edelstein, Ph.D. But the changes could be just enough to subtly influence your personality, like making you more nurturing and devoted to your wife and future child.

In fact, researchers say that may be why your testosterone falls—to prepare you to take better care of your family when the kiddo arrives.

But how? Edelstein says it may be a result of the psychological changes you go through when your partner is carrying your kid. For example, you might begin to imagine yourself as a dad and start viewing her more as a parent than a sexual being.

Another possibility: “There’s some evidence that some men gain weight along with their pregnant partners, which could definitely influence their hormone levels,” Edelstein says.

Scientists aren’t sure whether your testosterone will bounce back to pre-baby levels—and in fact, other research suggests it may continue to dip after Junior is born—but it’s nothing to worry about.

“Slightly lower levels of testosterone have been associated with higher relationship satisfaction and more sensitive parenting,” Edelstein says. “So think about these changes as important adaptations to becoming a parent.”

Source: Men’s Health