Masturbation is the Sexual Stimulation, especially of one’s own genitals (self masturbation), often to the point of Orgasm. Self stimulation usually with a hand or both hands, by oneself or sometimes with a partner…

This could go out of control and the person becomes masturbatory, indulging in excessively self-absorbed or self-indulgent. This act can take place on one self or between a male and female, or same sex.
It has become necessary for me to touch on some aspects of masturbation, in response to several enquiries and probing questions I have received from our numerous readers.
Masturbation does not necessarily lead to infertility, depending on your particular situation.
It also has no effect on your health as most people think, but each individual must assess the reason why they are masturbating, and unless it is for medical reasons, during the need to produce a Semen sample for processing to treat infertility.
People who masturbate excessively are in the harm of making it habit, which can be psychological and would require your visiting and confiding in a counselor or specialist.
Masturbation is not different from normal intercourse in that an orgasm causes ejaculation whether it is the result of masturbation or sexual relation.
When fertility is a concern, masturbation should not be practiced around the time of the wife’s fertile period.  This can lead to a decrease in Sperm reserve in an individual with a low or low – normal count and thus reduce semen quality at the time that the highest quality is needed when the wife is ovulating. This act invariably, does not have a long-term injurious effect on the testes.
When a man masturbates he has an orgasm and ejaculate, and when a couple is trying to get pregnant he may need to limit the masturbation and conserve the Sperm stores for the fertilization of the egg.

During masturbation

Every time a man masturbates to completion, he has an orgasm and ejaculate.  This lowers the sperm count available to fertilize the egg.   The male body needs to produce more sperm in order to refill the sperm reservoir, and this takes time for a man who is in a habit of frequent daily masturbation, the store will consistently be lower than a man that does not masturbate.  It is better to keep the sperm for proper use during intercourse; when the man allows the sperms to build up in the Semen rather than constantly depleting these stores, this can result in increased fertility.

In females

Female masturbation can also play a role in infertility.  When a female orgasm takes place, the cervix dips down to touch the end of the vagina; and this increases fertility. If the female reaches orgasm during intercourse, before the male, the acid in the vagina may enter the cervix and decrease the amount of sperm remaining viable for fertilization of the egg.
To maintain a high sperm count, the male should endeavour to wear loose under garments, refrain from over indulging in alcohol and quit smoking.  This is important because the higher the sperm count the higher the chances that one of the sperm will make it to the egg to fertilise it before it absorbs into the lining of the uterus.
There are many methods available in clinics to ascertain the sperm levels in each ejaculate.

Increasing sperm count

There are various ways of increasing the amount of sperm and mobility; and some natural ways are most effective.  The most important of these include eating a healthy diet.
Maintaining a healthy diet and taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement can help increase the overall health of the body and thus the sperm.  Recent studies have shown that zinc supplement, with folic acid can increase the quality of sperm produced; this also being in line with the beneficial effect of folic acid on the foetus.
There is a great difference in fertility when a healthy sperm and high sperm count are maintained.
Increased costs of fertility treatment, has given use to the need to seek alternative ways, which include maintaining, healthy natural diet; to increase sperm quality and quantity.
Masturbating less often, and eating a healthy diet rich in Zinc and folic acid are great steps towards achieving parenthood without external intervention.
The act of masturbation, can be viewed from various angles, and individual cases considered; as to whether it is beneficial to you or not.
A young or growing adult is inquisitive and exploratory about many things in life, and this includes their bodies.  This is one of the main reasons why most people engage in this act; deriving sexual pleasure.
Whether it is beneficial to you or not, outside the discussion above depends entirely on you.  When you begin to get worried that it is becoming an obsession, is a pointer to the fact that you have reached a point where you know that it is not normal for you and you need help.
Even though this act does not cause blindness, insanity, hairy palms, hair loss, acne or cancer of any kind, as some earlier claimed, some studies have actually shown that it greatly reduces a man’s chances of developing prostate cancer.
Enthusiastic masturbation can be tiring, though, and overly frequent activity of this nature can lead to physical exhaustion.  If you however find yourself growing obsessed with masturbation to a point where it is interfering with work or personal relationships, it is time to cut back and speak to a professional, to identify underlying issues that may be the cause.

Religious views

Some religions find sexuality as a gift from God; that finds fulfillment in marital relationship; and the misuse of the gift of sex as a sin.  Therefore, because the act of masturbation is self directed, and by its nature is incapable of expressing love and concern to another person, it is viewed as a distortion of the purpose of use and therefore desire of the flesh.
This is more so, when it becomes an addiction since the practice of self pleasure is not viewed as honouring God’s gift of sexuality.
And they admonish that instead of turning to the desires of the flesh, they should turn to the Holy Spirit to manifest his fruits.
Others view this act as a way of allowing sexual behaviour to guard against adultery, pre-marital sex, etc and way of balancing differing libidos between spouses.
In conclusion masturbation has it various arguments for and against, depending on what the purpose is.  But it is important that, once there is a desire to stop this act, quickly make up your mind to do so, make a resolve, and speak to an elderly or mature confidant for encouragement and also seek professional help in a counselor as required.

Source: This Daily Life