Photo: Dazzling Wallpaper
Photo: Dazzling Wallpaper

Has your sex drive disappeared? Do you feel less sexy since infertility treatments began? You can keep the spark alive! It may be hard, and it might take work, but you can find time for intimacy and sex, even when trying to conceive.


  1. Set the mood. Set up a playlist of music to get you in the mood. Light candles, dim the lamps, or use aromatherapy oils. Ensure that the music, candles, and fragrances enhance, not overpower, your environment.
  2. Steam things up. If your sex drive is low these days, consider renting a sexy movie or reading each other excerpts from a sexy book.
  3. Give her pleasure. Sometimes going through Infertility can make it harder to get excited about sex. If you aren’t necessarily in the mood, and your partner makes a move on you, don’t turn her down right away. Give yourself a few minutes to relax and warm up. You may be surprised how often this leaves you both satisfied and more closely connected.
  4. Explore your options. When you are trying to conceive, have sex in different places. If you can afford regular romps at local hotels or splurge on weekend getaways, go for it!
  5. Exercise regularly. Studies show that regular exercise and a healthy diet can boost your sex drive and your fertility.

Keep Cool.

Source: Attain Fertility