There is a lot of debate around the benefits and side effects of soya beans. While the beans are packed with protein and in fact are the best sources of the nutrient for vegetarians, too much consumption of these is associated with a lot of side effects. Here’s why you should eat soy beans. The key to good health is eating in moderation, whether it is healthy food or calorie laden. Too much of anything can harm your body and the same applies to soybean too.

Soy and its products like nuggets, chunks, soy milk, and tofu all fall inside the healthy food bracket. However, eating too much soy may lead to male infertility suggests Dr Rashi Chahal,Chief of Dietetics, Paras Hospitals Gurgaon.

Soybeans contain estrogen mimicking compounds known as isoflavones which are a type of phytoestrogens. These compounds are responsible for a hormonal imbalance when consumed in high quantities. In males, these can lead to low sperm count, low libido, sexual dysfunction and infertility.

A study [1] conducted by Harvard researchers for the same purpose also suggests that higher intake of soy foods is associated with a lower sperm concentration. In fact, men who consumed soy products in high quantities had 41 million sperm/ml less than those who did not consume any soy food. Majority of the men in this study were also overweight.

How much soy must be consumed?

If you include soy daily in your diet, avoid consuming more than 30gm per day. Also, choose options like tofu, miso or tempeh suggests Dr   . Soybeans should not be consumed raw. Cooked, roasted or soy in the form of nuggets, milk or tofu is an ideal way to add soybeans to your diet. Also, men with fertility issues must avoid consuming soybeans or products.

Source: The Health Site