Perhaps men do pay enough attention in order to protect their health, but there are several ways men can help with protecting sperm and reproductive health by avoiding environmental exposures that could damage their sperm health.


  • First of all, it is best to avoid specific occupations where males are exposed to extreme heat; occupations like this involve baking or working in the ceramic factory or any other occupation that involves constant exposure to extreme heat.
  • Men should also avoid driving because that requires long periods of sitting in a position in which the testicles are insulated and exposed to heat. The same reasons are offered when discussing whether it is problematic for men to drive a bicycle.
  • Men who have fertility-related problems should avoid exposure to extreme heat by avoiding hot baths and hot tubs and by avoiding saunas to help with protecting sperm.
  • Men should wear boxer short and not tight underwear – the same is true for tight clothes: men should try to avoid tight clothes, especially tight pants or jeans.
  • If possible men should avoid occupations that involve high risk of being exposed to radiation, which is usually the case in the military or a case in an occupation that is somehow in connection with nuclear plants. Men should also avoid as much as possible being exposed to pesticides which consequently means they should not be exposed to toxic chemicals which are present in agriculture.
  • If a male must be exposed to radiation therapy such as chemotherapy because of the cancer treatment, men should consider having sperm cryopreserved for future in assisted reproduction cycles. Also, if a man is exposed to chemotherapy, a study that was conducted in rats shows that hormone treatment prior to chemotherapy may help protect sperm and fertility. However, further research is needed in order to confirm this.
  • Men should wear protection cups if they involved in contact sports because this is the optimal way to protect testicles from being kicked or anything similar. But, in a case of any testicular trauma, testicular repair is more effective than removal of the injured testicle in protecting fertility, which is, of course, a good news.

Keep Cool.