Say cheers, enjoy the years: Celebrating your partner’s good news could be the key to a strong marriage, finds a recent study from UCLA.


Researchers recorded dozens of couples talking about either positive or negative stuff that had happened to one of them, like job promotions or family problems. When the study team checked in 2 months later, partners who showed the most enthusiasm and encouragement in response to each other’s happy news were the most likely to be doing well.

In fact, showing you’re pumped for your partner’s successes is a better predictor of relationship commitment, satisfaction, and love than being there for her when she’s dealing with something negative, the study shows.

When people share positive events with their partners, they share their strengths, the study authors say. And seeing that you want to celebrate and validate her skills builds her sense of self-worth, which makes her feel more confident in both her life and your relationship, the authors explain.

So, back to that magic word we teased in the title. Based on this research, shouting a heartfelt “Congratulations!” may be the secret to a healthy, happy marriage.

Asking lots of questions and offering encouraging statements like, “You’re going to be awesome in this new role!” or, “You really deserve this raise after all your hard work!” are more good ways to show her the kind of positive encouragement that will keep your marriage in good shape, the authors say.

Source: Men’s Health