Photo: spryliving
Photo: spryliving

Trying to get in the family way? Use these tips to boost your fertility and hers and get her pregnant.


Check the Figures

Most women have a rough to good idea of how long their cycle is, but there’s a lot of confusion about when they’re at their most fertile. The answer is 14 days BEFORE the first day of her period – not, as is often suggested, 12-14 days after the first day of her period. This 12-14 day figure is only relevant to women who have a 27-28 day cycle; if she has a 32-day cycle, her most fertile time is around day 18; if she has a 24-day cycle, her most fertile time is around day 10.

Photo: vercfamily
Photo: vercfamily

Get a Fertility Monitor

This is the easy peasy way of knowing her egg is ripe and ready to greet your swimmers. The monitor works by detecting two hormones that indicate fertility – she just has to pee on the little sticks, when one shows a double line it means she’s experiencing a surge of luteinizing hormone, which indicates ovulation in the next  24-36 hours. Time to get to it!

Quit Smoking as a Couple

Not only does smoking lower your sperm count, it also affects her fertility – studies show that even second-hand smoke can make getting pregnant more difficult.

Hit the Gym Together

If you’re overweight – and especially if you carry a lot of that lard around your middle – your body converts testosterone into estradiol, a version of the female sex hormone estrogen. If she’s overweight – with a body mass index of more than 30 – she’ll find it more difficult to pregnant too. Plus improving how you both look by getting fit will make all the enforced sex at her fertile time far more enjoyable. Read more fitness tips and motivation.
Photo; The New Yorker
Photo; The New Yorker

Get Rid of the Old Briefs

Not just because they’re grey and the elastic’s gone – they also don’t allow your plums to get enough air. They need to be kept cool (that’s why they’re kept outside your body instead of inside along with the rest of you) and brief’s don’t allow air to circulate. Try Snowballs, organic cotton boxer-briefs designed to keep the boys cool.

Do it Early

Testosterone levels are at their highest in the mornings and your semen also has the highest sperm count then.

Snowballs help to keep you cool and get her pregnant

Source: Men’s Health