Our Story

“So here’s what we’re doing,” we would say at parties. “We’re researching cooling devices and the male…anatomy…in order to create comfortable underwear for chilling your balls.”

This was a conversation starter, to put it mildly.

Several months later, when an unsuspecting lunch guest caught us in the kitchen holding freezer bags to the fronts of our pants, we were already convinced that we were onto something big. The lunch guest had her doubts.

Male infertility accounts for roughly 40% of all infertility, but it’s still tough to sound cool when talking about it. That’s why we loved the name we had dreamed up for our still-imaginary product: Snowballs! Some thought it was inappropriate, but for us it was just the punch line of the story we were dying to tell. You see, we had both been through the “fertility factory” with our wives, losing our money and our minds until we began to look more closely at the actual causes of infertility…and became obsessed by heat.

It was T and his wife who provided the breakthrough. It had been a painful year. There had been a silent miscarriage after two years of trying, and the best doctor that money could buy had said that their chances were now zero. He suggested they start thinking about adoption.

They ignored his advice and saw another doctor, and then another, until finally one gynecologist took the time to sit down with them and listen carefully. Almost immediately, he had a new plan. First, T should begin icing his balls. Huh? And then he should have himself tested for a varicocele. Again, huh?

But they went home that day thinking, Why not? They had tried just about everything else. And so they began to do some research (see our FAQ section for more on what we found). Elevated scrotal temperature was perhaps the number one cause of male infertility. How had they missed this? And 15-20% of all men had a varicocele, or enlarged vein in the scrotum, which brought more blood and raised scrotal temperatures.

It made sense, so he began to ice…

And a little girl was born about a year later….


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