Snowballs Underwear

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  • 2 pair of certified organic cotton boxer-briefs, blended with 5% elastane for the perfect stretch.
  • 3 SnowWedges, so you'll always have one available. SnowWedges are ready to go after an hour in your freezer and will keep you cool for at least 30 minutes.
  • 1 booklet, A Gentleman's Guide to Cooling, which gives you some background on the science and tips on what guys can do to maximize their fertility.


Snowballs™ run a bit snug in order to mold to your body. If you strongly dislike snug underwear, we suggest you choose the next larger size from your normal fit.

  • Small: 29-31 in / 74-79 cm
  • Medium: 32-34 in / 81-86 cm
  • Large: 35-37 in / 89-94 cm
  • X-Large: 37-39 in / 94-99 cm
  • XX-Large: 40-43 in / 101-109 cm


Snowballs are available in manly gray with a fetching dark blue waistband.

Shipping Rates

Order Amount Shipping Price Estimated Delivery Time
under $40 $6 1 week
$40 - $120 $8
over $120 Free
under $40 $25 2-3 weeks
over $40 $38

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We ship in plain packaging.

The Science

Snowballs should help increase both sperm quality and quantity, and they should give you a better chance to conceive at minimal cost, but fertility science is complex, and you’ll also want to consult with a urologist, as well as your fertility specialist. Snowballs may end up being just a supplemental treatment for you. It can’t hurt, and it will likely help. At the same time, do your own research (see our FAQ section for more) and think for yourself. IUI and IVF didn’t work for us, and we met several world-class doctors before one suggested that scrotal temperature might be the problem. People said we were crazy to ice ourselves. We looked desperate to our friends. But in our case, cooling worked, and although every case is different, it is our fervent hope that it works for you, too.

How to Be Cool

How much should you cool per day? At least a couple of hours is ideal. We’ve designed Snowballs™ to be worn all day long, so that you can insert a SnowWedge™ whenever convenient. Each SnowWedge™ freezes in less than an hour and should keep you cool for about 30 minutes. And although testicle icing is never high on anybody’s list of things to do, we’ve designed these wedges to give you the beneficial cooling you need without being painful.

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