The Design – Snowballs Underwear

The Design

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We designed Snowballs as close to nature as possible. Here’s everything:

  • Organic Cotton – we insisted that the underwear be soft, comfortable, and 100% natural.
  • Freezable Gel (Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium) – we insisted that it stay cold for as long as possible, that it be shaped ergonomically, and that it be entirely non-toxic. The formula we use is a modified version of natural cellulose. It has no taste or smell, is entirely non-flammable, and if you were forced to swallow it on an inadvisable dare, your wife might kill you, but our gel won’t affect you in the slightest.
  • Biodegradable Plastic Casing and Packaging – we insisted that it be durable for years but nonexistent for our great-grandkids.


The Package

Each order of Snowballs includes: two pair of our specially designed underwear, so that you can always have one on hand to wear anywhere, at home or at the office; and three of our unique SnowWedges™, so that there’s always one ready to help you cool down.

snowballs cooling underwear fertilityHow much should you cool per day? At least a couple of hours is ideal, and we strongly advise you not to ice for more than an hour at a time. Keep the underwear on if you like – we’ve designed it to be worn all day long – but you should have a
SnowWedge™ inserted at just certain times during the day: after a workout, getting under the covers at night, or simply when it’s convenient for you.After inserting a SnowWedge™ into your Snowballs, it should keep you cool for at least 30 minutes, and although testicle icing is never high on anybody’s list of things to do, we’ve designed these wedges to give you the beneficial cooling you need without being painful.

Our cotton underwear can be gently machine washed like any other pair of quality organic underwear. SnowWedges™ can be washed with soap and water and will freeze completely (but stay flexible) in less than an hour.

More Questions?

We’ve put together a fertility FAQ page that answers most of the fertility questions we had throughout our process of discovering the advantages of Snowballs, and if you have any other questions, we’re happy to answer them the best we can. Feel free to Contact Us.