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Snowballs™ for Post-Vasectomy Healing

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SNOWBALLS™ is a scientifically backed cooling underwear that was conceived as a natural fertility aid for men, and has also been shown to relieve scrotal pain.

vasectomy underwear pressSnowballs™ can improve a man's fertility. And thousands of men out there are wearing them, and showing increased sperm count, and sometimes even conceiving. But as we continued our research into "manly cooling", we also stumbled upon something that should have been obvious before: Snowballs are also perfect for men at the other end of the journey to fatherhood. Yes, we’re talking about the dreaded vasectomy.

Urologists used to recommend icing with a bag of peas after a vasectomy, which sounds more like some inadvisable medical remedy from the 18th century, like leeches or heroin cough syrup. How was it possible that doctors were still asking men to apply frozen vegetables to their scrotums? Well, increasingly, they're not anymore. Doctors across the U.S. are recommending Snowballs as an easier, more comfortable, more convenient way to ice.

Because manly cooling can come in handy at the beginning of the journey, and at the end.   

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