When it comes to conception, while all the focus is given to a woman’s health, nobody really talks what the man should do to help his partner get pregnant. It takes two to make a baby, right? So here Dr. Anubha Singh, IVF specialist from Shantah IVF Centre, Delhi shares a few tips for men to help make conception easy.

1. Give up your vices: Quit drinking and smoking as it badly affects the sperm count. Alcohol, in particular, lowers secretion of the male sex hormone, testosterone, leading to loss of libido. It can also destroy the quality and structure of sperm. It can hamper conception by stopping liver to metabolise Vitamin A, needed for sperm production. Smoking does you no good either.

2. Stay away from stress: Eliminate stress from your life, try mind relaxing exercises such as yoga or find a quiet place away from distractions. Clear your mind and focus on your breathing for about 10 to 20 minutes. Try to do it daily to give your body a physical and mental rest. Listen to some soothing sounds like sea movement, waterfalls and rainforest noises.

3. Ditch the stationary bike: If you have been trying to conceive for more than a year without much success, one lifestyle modification that you will need to do is ditch the stationary bike at the gym or give up cycling for a short while. This is because cycling heats up the testicles, that can damage sperm.

4. Limit weight lifting: While it is true that you need to be fit and healthy to help your testis produce good quality sperms, know where to draw the line. Heavy weight lifting helps improve sperm concentration, but if you are overdoing it, it could be a reason for worry. So when you are planning to conceive, limit or moderate how much you lift weight.

5. Avoid hot water baths: Do not take long, hot water baths in tubs — again, the heat impacts the sperm quality and quantity.

6. Take care of your diet: Eat healthy food such as nutritious vegetables, lots of nuts and fresh fruits as it will improve sperm quality.

7. Avoid red meat: Stop eating red meat and fast food for the time being. It is believed that like alcohol, red meat too hampers male fertility by lowering sperm count and quality.

8. Sleep peacefully: Sleep for at least seven to eight hours as it will help restore the reproductive system and reduces stress. Lack of sleep can disrupt your cycle of sperm production.

9. Drink lots of water: Be sure to drink eight glasses of clean filtered water every day. This flushes the toxins out of your body and keeps your system healthy.

10. Seek professional help: Last but not the least, seek professional help to understand whether you need to undergo treatment or make any other lifestyle changes.

Source: The Health Site