In recent years so many studies have noticed a decrease in male fertility that some experts have declared a “sperm crisis.” This is a disturbing trend for couples hoping to conceive, but the good news is that male fertility can be improved by doing the following eleven things.


Portrait of a stressed man

Don’t Stress Out!

According to the American Fertility Association, “stress interferes with hormones that affect sperm production and male fertility.” To de-stress men should communicate with their partners, work out, or make time for a hobby they finds relaxing.

Lose The Booze

Heavy drinking does a number on both the quality and quantity of a man’s sperm. Drinking in moderation, or not at all, will improve fertility.

No Smoking Allowed

On top of all the other reasons to quit is this: smokers tend to have lower sperm counts, decreased sperm movement, and misshapen sperm.

Eat Healthy

Antioxidants, which can be found in fruits and veggies, help improve the health of a man’s sperm. Need some inspiration? Try our male fertility recipes.

Eggs are Egg-Specially Good

“Eggs contain a full spectrum of amino acids, helping to stimulate sperm production,” says nutritional therapist Maria Griffiths. Boiled eggs are preferable to fried eggs which lose nutrients when cooked.


Be Active

Maintaining a general level of fitness improves one’s reproductive health. Get motivated with fitness tips and inspiration.

But don’t over exercise

Too intense workouts create adrenal steroid hormones which can negatively affect male fertility.

Be cool, Man!

New York Times Health warns that “overheating, such as from high fevers, saunas, and hot tubs, may temporarily lower sperm count.” Along the same lines, if you’re reading this with your laptop directly on your lap, move it. Having trouble keeping cool? Try Snowballs.

Lubricants are a Lubri-can’t

The use of personal lubricants during sex (including saliva, K-Y jelly and similar products) is not a good idea because they can interfere with sperm movement and male fertility.

Maintain a Normal Weight

Men who are over or under weight may have reduced sperm count and movement. Getting one’s weight in the normal range can help tremendously with male fertility.

Try Multivitamins and More

Taking folic acid, which is believed by many to boost sperm count, as well as a multivitamin with sperm friendly selenium, zinc, and folate, will go a long way.

Keep Cool.

Source: Babyzone