We all known that sauna's and tight underwear are lowering male fertility and sperm count, but what most people don't realise is that a man's job or profession may be affecting his fertility. Here are five jobs that could me making you infertile!

Taxi/truck drivers: According to a study in 1996 published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, taxi drivers showed a significantly lower prevalence of normal sperm forms and the severity increased if a person spends longer time on this job. It's no surprise given the increased heat around men's balls who are sitting in the drivers seat all day.

Submariners: A 2004 study in Human Reproduction revealed that military personnel, having worked as a submariner in a nuclear-powered submarine, and having worked in very hot conditions, are at high risk of suffering from infertility.

Welders: Are you a welder? If yes, then be careful about your profession as a study has suggested that exposure to radiant heat in welders has an impact on semen quality and fertility, which is reversible. It is most likely caused by a moderate exposure to radiant heat (about five hours a day through several weeks).

Bikers: If you are a biker, then make sure you do not cycle more than five hours a week. Wondering why? Well, a 2011 study published in the Journal Fertility and Sterility revealed that bicycling ≥ 5 h/wk was associated with lower sperm concentration and total motile sperm.

Gym trainers and athletes: Athletes, mainly long distance runners have reduced testosterone levels, increased scrotal temperature, which adversely affected the production of sperms. And the same rule applies to gym trainers and those with long-term treadmill running.

Along with these five, any job that results in prolonged exposure to heat around your balls could be affecting your fertility (yes, that includes chefs working in front of a hot oven). One way to ensure you are properly cooling down after a hot days work is by wearing Snowballs.