Photo: healthyfertilityandbaby
Photo: healthyfertilityandbaby

Malnutrition can cause a number of health problems including male infertility. There are many different ways that someone can experience malnutrition, even if they seem to be healthy. Both men and women can become infertile with improper nutrition, making eating right extremely important for both partners when couples are trying to conceive.


Not Getting Enough Calories

One way that individuals face malnutrition is simply by not eating enough nutritious food. Moderate malnutrition could result in a deficit of vitamin C, folic acid and zinc. These are all essential nutrients when it comes to fertility health. A severe deficit could lead to tissue deterioration, cause woman to stop ovulating and cause men to stop producing sperm. Not sure what to eat? Learn the fertility menu to prevent male infertility.

Photo: bcliving
Photo: bcliving

Over Exercising

Even if a person is eating enough, forcing the body to exercise excessively can cause a deficiency in nutrients. When someone exercises too much, their body must use the nutrients they consume to repair and regenerate rather than using those nutrients for everyday functions. If that person continues to push their body to the extreme, nutrients consumed during periods of rest will be stored as fat, and not appropriately utilized. This is the body’s way to prepare to have extra nutrition on hand for future extreme levels of exercise. This can cause malnutrition and damage fertility as the nutrients are not being used to support the reproductive system. Depriving this system leads to problems with ovulation, a change in hormones levels, can cause irregular cycles, lead to low quality sperm and lower sperm production. If a woman over-exercises to the point she becomes underweight, her cycle could stop all together until she makes a change.


Many people don’t think of obesity when considering malnutrition, but it should not be ignored. If obesity is the result of unhealthy eating, those foods may not be supplying the body with the appropriate nutrients it needs. Eating too much can have negative effects of the reproductive cycle and consuming foods of poor nutritional value can damage fertility and cause male infertility.

Eat Right

In most cases, male infertility caused by malnutrition can change. By supplying your body with appropriate amounts of all the nutrients it needs and using calories in healthy ways, you can improve fertility and increase the odds of having a baby. Need some recipes to help prevent male infertility? Try these.

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Source: Healthy Fertility and Baby