In need of a Fertility Clinic in the United States? The ultimate list of US fertility clinics, listed here by state.



Reproductive Health Center:

Advanced Fertility Care:

Arizona Center for Fertility Studies:

IVF Pheonix:

Fertility Treatment Center:

Arizona Reproductive Medical Specialists:

Advanced Reproductive Care:

Southwest Fertility Center:

Southwest Fertility Center:

Troche fertility Centers:

Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health:

Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility:



Arkansas Fertility:

The Infertility Center of Saint Louis:



California – Northern

Fertility Physicians of Northern California:

Northern California Fertility Medical Center:

Reproductive Science Center:

Stanford Medicine:

Advanced Fertility Associates:

Alta Bates IVF:

Bay IVF Center :

California IVF:

Fertility and Gynecology Monterey Bay IVF:



California – Southern

Reproductive Partners:

San Diego Fertility Centers:

Pacific Fertility Center:

ART Reproductive Center:

California Center for Reproductive Health:

California Fertility Partners:

The Center For Fertility and Gynecology:

Fertility Specialists Medical Group:

IVF Orange for Life:

Infertility, Gynocolog and Obstetrics:

West Coast Fertility Centers:

Acacio Fertility:



Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado:

Rocky Mountain Center fro Reproductive Medicine:

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center:

University of Colorado – Advanced Reproductive Medicine:

Colorado Center of Reproductive Medicine:

Albrecht Women’s Care:



CT Fertility:

Dr. K. J. Chacho -Fertility Specialist:

Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT:

New England Fertility:

Center for Advanced Reproductive Services:

Women’s Fertility Center:



Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine:

Shady Grove Fertility:

Delaware Valley Institute of Reproduction and Genetics:

Reproductive Associates of Delaware:



Assister Fertility Program:

Barbados Fertility Center:

Boca Fertility:

Center for Reproductive Medicine:

Fertility Care:

IVF Florida Reproductive Associates:

South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine:

University of Florida Reproductve Medicine:

Florida Fertility Institute:


Palmetto Fertility Center:

Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine:




Servy Massey Fertility institute:

Advanced Fertility and Endocrinology Institute:

Advanced Reproductive Concepts:

Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine:

Advanced Reproductive Care:

Georgia Reproductive Specialists:

Emory Healthcare:

Central Georgia Fertility Institute:



Advanced Reproductive Center of Hawaii:

Pacific in Vitro:

Hawaii Fertility Center:



OHSU Center for Women’s Health:

Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine:

Reproductive Care Center:

St Lukes Clinics:

Boise Gynocology:



Friberg Medical Associates:

Invia Fertility:

Sher Fertility Clinics:

Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

Fertility Centers of illinois:

North Shore Fertility:

Chicago IVF:

Oak Brook Fertility Center:


Center for Reproductive Health:



Family Beginnings

Midwest Fertility:

Follas Center:

Reproductive Biology of Indiana:

Reproductive Care of Indiana:

American health Network Reproductive Medicine:\



Mid-Iowa Fertility:

Fertility Care:



Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine:

Midwest Reproductive Center:

Reproductive Resource Center:



Fertility and Endocrine Associates:

Bluegrass Fertility Center:

Lexington Fertility Center:


Fertility and Women’s Health Center of Louisiana:

The Fertility Institute:


Audobon Fertility

ArkLaTex Fertility:

Cha Fertility:



Boston IVF:



Fertility Center of Maryland:

Genetics and IVF Institute:

Shady Grove Fertility:

John Hopkins:

Montgomery Fertility:




Fertility Solutions:

RSC New England:

Boston IVF:




The Fertility Center:

Michigan Comprehensive Fertility Center:

Michigan Center for Fertility and Womans Health:

Gago Fertility:

IVF Michigan:

Center for Reproductive Medicine:



Center for Reproductive Medicine

Midwest Center for Reproductive Health



SHER Fertility Clinic:

Washington University Physicians:



Heartland Fertility:





New Hampshire

RSC New England:

Boston IVF:

Cardone and Associates:

Dartmouth Hitchcock:

Garrison’s Womans Health Center:


New Jersey

SHER Fertility Clinic:

South Jersey Fertility Clinic:

Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility and Genetics:


IVF New Jersey:

Reproductive Science Centre of New Jersey:


Diamond Institute:


New Mexico

Center of Reproductive Medicine New Mexico:

New Hope Fertility Center:

Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center:


New York


RMA of Conneticut:

North Shore LIJ:

Center of Reproductive Medicine:


Island Reproductive Sevices:

Columbia Doctors:

Center for human Reproduction:

New Hope Fertility:

New York Fertility Clinic:

Verkley Center:

New York Fertility Institute:

Fertility Center of New Jersey and New York:

New York Fertility Services:

Offices for fertility and Reproductive Medicine:

Long Island New York Fertility Center:

Extend Fertility:


New york Methodist Hospital



North Carolina


Advance Reproductive Concepts:

PREG Fertility Centers:

Duke Fertility Center:

North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine:

UNC Fertility:

Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists:

Carolina Conceptions:

Premier Fertility Center:

In Vitro Sciences:

Southeastern Fertility Center:




Bethesta Fertility Center:

UH Fertility Center:

Institute of Reproductive Health:

Northeastern Ohio Fertility Center:

Reproductive Gynecology:

Cleveland Clinic:



Tulsa Fertility:

Integris Fertility:

Physicians Reproductive Medicine:

OCK Country Health – Reproductive Health:



Oregon Reproductive Medicine:

OHSU Center for Women’s Health:

Oregon Fertility Institute:

Northwest Fertility Center:

Women’s Care:

Medford Women’s Clinic:



Shady Grove Fertility:

Society Hill Reproductive Medicine:

Main Line Fertility:

RMA Specialists:

The Fertility Center:

Penn Medicine:

Abington Reproductive Medicine:

Magee Women’s Hospital of UPMC:

Male Reproductive Clini:c



Rhode Island

Fertility Solutions:

Boston IVF

RSC New England

Women and Infants

The Fertility Acupuncturist

Dr Catherine Prince:

Village Fertility Pharmacy:

The Providence Fertility Center:


South Carolina

Advance Reproductive Concepts:

Fertility Center of the Carolinas:

PREG Online:

Servy Massey:

Advanced Fertility and Endocrinology Institute:

Carolina Center for Fertility:

The Fertility Center of Charleston:

Caostal Fertility Specialists:

Carolina Urology


South Dakota

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center:

Sanford Health:



PREG Online:

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine:

Nashville Fertility Center:

The Center for Reproductive Health:

Southeast Center for Fertility and Reproductive Surgery:

Fertility Center:

Fertility Association of Memphis:



CORM Center of Reproductive Medicine:

The Cooper Institute:

Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates:

Fertility Center of San Antonio:

Fertility Specialists of Houston:

Houston Fertility Center:

Houston Fertility Institute:

Houston IVF:

North Houston Center for Reproductive Medicine:

Advance Fertility Center of Texas:

North Texas IVF:

Texas Tech Physicians:

Frisco institute for Reproductive Medicine:

Reproductive Institute of South Texas:

Fort Worth Fertility:

Extend Fertility:

The Center for Reproductive and Women’s Health Care:



Reproductive Care Center:

Utah Fertility Center:

University of Utah Health Care:

Utah Fertility Partners:

Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center:

SHER Fertility:




Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine:

Virginia IVF and Andrology Center:

Dominion Fertility:

Genetics and IVF Institute:

Shady Grove Fertility:

The Fertility Institute of Virginia:

Partners for Fertility and IVF:

RichmondCenter for Fertility and Endocrinology:

Carilion Clinic:

EVMS Jones Institute For Reproductive Medicine:

The Beach Center:



OHSU Center for Women’s Health:

Overlake Reproductive Health:

Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine:

Pacific NW Fertility: Seattle Reproductive Medicine GYFT Clinic


Washington DC

Shady Grove Fertility:

Columbia Fertility Associates:

Assisted Fertility:


West Virginia

Shady Grove Fertility:

WVU Center for Reproductive Medicine:


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