The boys from Sydney’s Happy as Larry speciality pizza food truck know that when it comes to making a pizza, you have to start from the foundation – the dough, that is.


Choose your flour wisely

Picking digestive-friendly flour is easy these days. We love Caputo 00 Flour, which is imported straight from Naples and available in most specialty stores. It’s a finely ground flour which specifications make it one of the preferred flours used by pizzaiolos in Naples and around the world.

Now be patient…

Authentic Neapolitan pizza all starts with a slow-rising dough. One that is light, tasty and easily digestible. This “slow rise” or “proofing” takes place over a long period of time and can not be rushed. Allowing your dough enough time to rest will be rewarded at your first bite!

It’s all in the proofing of the dough

Proofing is the fancy baker’s name for the process of letting the dough rise. This occurs in two important steps. The first is to let the dough “bulk rest”  whilst covered with damp tea towels for a couple of hours. Then once again for an extended time in the proofing boxes after the dough has been rolled and shaped into balls. The other important part of the proofing process is temperature. If it’s too cold the yeast wont activate and the dough wont rise, if it’s too hot the dough will rise too quickly.

A HOT, HOT, HOT oven

500 degrees Celsius should just about do it! It’s this heat blast that creates a light and airy base that’s easy to digest and delicious to devour. “Back Yard” wood fired ovens are becoming more and more popular these days and are nice addition or substitute to the Aussie BB.

A little bit of love

It might sound a little cliché, but think about it this way – if it ain’t made with love, it ain’t worth making.

Source: GQ