Photo: guavaleafextract
Photo: guavaleafextract

There is hope for men who are looking for a natural cure to treat infertility Researchers in Nigeria have discovered the extracts of the leaves of Pdidium guava produce positive effects on the production and health of sperm and to increase sperm count.  Native to Brazil, Guava is abundant in tannins, phenols, triterpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, saponins, and fatty acids.


Health Benefits

The health benefits of guava tealeaves are well documented. Ethno-botanists have studied their role in traditional medicine for years. Since the 1950s, guava leaves have been a well-known topic in scientific research. Szu-Chuan Shen, Fang-Chi Cheng, and Ning-Jung Wu did a study on the effects of guava on diabetes in 2008. Diabetic rats fed with guava leaves had a subsequent significant drop in blood sugar. Ojewole (2006), Chen et al. (2007) and Mahfuzul Hoque et al. (2007) have all done studies on guavas’ role in the treatment of cancer, bacterial infections, inflammation, and pain. Their folk use as a treatment for diarrhea, dysentery, and fever is currently under investigation.

Guava leaves are generally regarded as safe, given their long historical use by native populations and in modern industrial societies. Anyone using guava leaves to improve their health is less likely to run into nasty side effects than with more experimental drug remedies. There is increasing evidence that guava leaves are directly beneficial in treating infertility and to increase sperm count.

Photo: seasonwithspice
Photo: seasonwithspice

What the Studies Say …

Wistar rats have now shown the merit of guava leaves, according to recent studies. Research from the Department of Anatomy in the University of Llorinhas revealed more potential benefits of Guava leaves. Researchers there published a study in the African Journal of Medicine regarding the properties of the plants. The study concerned how extract from guava affected sperm counts in Wistar rats. The 18 Wister rats weighed a maximum of 124 g. They were subdivided into three groups, with 6 animals in each group. The first group was given 250 mg of the extract, whereas the second group was given 500 mg. The third group was given a saline placebo, as a control group. The sperm counts increased significantly in the first groups when the results were compared to the control group for each animal. That is, when the results were compared to rats that didn’t receive anything. Guava extract demonstrated a positive effect.

Guava has been used in other traditional cures as well, though recent studies like this one may indicate that the full curative properties of the plant are not yet fully known. Other uses of guava leaves include helping those with sore throats and inflamed gums. Guava has a fairly wide range amongst many tropical climates and habitats; so many cultures have had the opportunity to experience its benefits.

As a result of these abilities, and the new abilities seen in conjunction with the Wistar rats, researchers are becoming more enthusiastic about launching new studies to see what kind of other curative powers guava leaves may have in relation to all aspects of human health, including male sexuality. Overall, guava leaves appear to affect both the quality of sperm and the ability to increase sperm count. One day, guava leaves and their components may be incorporated into other new drugs, or they will be specifically marketed towards men with fertility problems. Just as natural remedies like blueberries and pomegranate juice have taken off and increased in consumer popularity, guava may one day be directly associated with extensive health benefits, in the public consciousness

Rich In Vitamins

Guava is full of fiber, folic acid, vitamin A and C, potassium, copper, and manganese. In fact, oranges contain only one quarter of the level of vitamin C found in guava. Guavas are also high in antioxidants. Folic acid and antioxidants have both been shown to be beneficial when addressing infertility and other health problems, which may be the reason behind some of the fruits healing benefits. Infertility is a health problem like any other, and anything that promotes general health can help promote fertility. Guava has clearly demonstrated its ability to promote general health in more ways than one.

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