Indian women continue to suffer in absence of a specialised centre to treat male infertility as most fertility clinics are gynaecology driven.

“In India, women will do anything to get pregnant and men will avoid infertility treatment at any cost. The investigation and treatment of male infertility problems is often not done thoroughly enough, and at times not at all,” Dr Vineet Malhotra, Clinical Director, DIYOS Men’s Health Centre said. He was speaking at conference organised this week by DIYOS Men’s Health Centre in collaboration with the American Centre For Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland, USA.

This is apparently the first dedicated and specialized center for men set up in the national capital which will have state of the art technologies to treat infertility and reproductive dysfunction in men. Most fertility clinics in India don’t even have a male infertility specialist, and continue to focus solely on women’s fertility issues.

” In India men are going undiagnosed and untreated. Around 50 per cent of male infertility problems are treatable, but unfortunately this is commonly overlooked. This medical myopia results in women undergoing unnecessary IVF procedures; with all the inherent costs and emotional distress they can cause,” said Dr Ashok Agarwal, Director, Department of Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, USA.

Treating the cause of male infertility is cheaper, more successful, and less invasive, and can allow the couple to conceive naturally without having to go through IVF.

Male problems are believed to be either solely or partly responsible in about 40 percent of all infertility cases, with the most common cause of male infertility a varicocele, or swelling of a vein in the scrotum.

“A varicocele appears to raise the temperature of the testes, potentially damaging the developing sperm,” said Dr Rupin Shah, Scientific Director, DIYOS Men’s Health Centre.

Source: DNA India