Having sex twice in an hour can make men three times more fertile and increase fertility, a new study done at North Middlesex Hospital in London suggests. The researchers found that when a man provided a second sperm sample within an hour, the success rate for an infertility treatment called intrauterine insemination (IUI) shot up to an incredible 20%, reported.


The typical success rate for IUI is 6%. Scientists believe the finding could also help couples trying to conceive naturally.

“Though this is a relatively small study, we believe it is a big step forward and could make a major difference to pregnancy rates,” said Gulam Bahadur, an infertility specialist who led the study.

In the study, when doctors used the second sperm sample provided by men within an hour, 15 of the women involved in the IUI study became pregnant immediately. Ten of the other women became pregnant the second time they tried insemination using the second sperm sample provided by the male within an hour.

Many experts have suggested that men abstain from sex prior to a woman’s monthly window of peak fertility in order to increase sperm count and heighten their potency and fertility. However, the new study suggests the opposite appears to be true – the fresher the sperm sample, the better the quality of sperm.

Source: Hindustan Times