Photo: Accord
Photo: Accord

Undergoing infertility treatments can be an overwhelming and stressful time for any individual or couple. Sometimes, after several failed cycles, it might be worthwhile to put the brakes on the entire endeavor, but only momentarily. Here are five reasons why taking a break from infertility treatments makes sense.


1. Financial Relief

It’s no secret that infertility treatments are costly. When a cycle fails, that’s money that has been invested and lost. Taking a break from infertility treatments can save your wallet in the short term and give you the time you need to budget for future cycles.

2. Emotional Relief

It can be heartbreaking to invest not only your finances, but your emotions and hopes into a cycle only to have it fail. If you’re coming off a string of several failed cycles, a break is an important step to consider to help you recharge your emotional and mental wellbeing.

3. Physical Relief

Between tests, injections and medications, repeated infertility treatments can take a toll on your body. Give your body a break, even if just for one cycle, to take off some of the physical stress associated with multiple rounds of treatments.

4. Reconnect With Your Partner

It can be very easy to get wrapped up in the minutiae of dealing with infertility treatments, from doctors’ appointments to awkward conversations with friends to uncomfortable diagnostic procedures. Many couples may find themselves even more distant during fertility treatments because of the intimacy that’s been stripped from an otherwise intimate act. Taking a break allows couples to focus on themselves as a family of two for the time being, to reconnect with one another.

5. Evaluate Your Best Course of Action

If infertility treatments have left you completely financially, emotionally, physically and even romantically drained, it might be time to come up with a new plan of action. Taking a break allows you to research and evaluate the best next step for you and your partner, whether that means forging ahead, trying something different, or perhaps ending treatments entirely.

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No matter how long your break from infertility treatments may be, it’s valuable and worthwhile to give you and your partner some time that isn’t entirely wrapped up in baby-making. You may find that getting back into the routine of infertility treatments may be somewhat easier after having taken a break, or perhaps you come up with a new family building plan. Regardless, give yourself some relief from the overwhelming nature of infertility treatments by taking a break, either short-term or even long-term, if you can.

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